Ace Rental Agreement

If you have left a personal item, call the Ace location where you dropped off your rental car immediately. The location phone number is listed in your rental agreement. Please report all lost items as soon as possible and we will do our best to find and return them. Even if your license meets these criteria, you must still get permission from Ace Rent a Van that you are insured for. This authorization must be made either in writing or through your original lease. Insurance: Car rental price includes coverage: – Full coverage (CDW) – Personal accident insurance (death, death, partial or total disability of the driver of the car) – Liability insurance (property damage of third parties, death, death, partial or total disability of the occupants of the car) – Fire insurance – Protection against theft – Unlimited mileage – 24-hour troubleshooting , Customers and colleagues in case of closure , including working from home or redistributing work to other places. We will contact customers with information if any of these possibilities influence their rental. (a) vehicle rental, including additional insurance or other costs specified in the agreement; (b) that the vehicle is not driven by a person who is not the tenant or licensed driver in accordance with this agreement. „rental agreement,“ the agreement reached and signed by the tenant, which defines all the details of the tenant and the rented vehicle, as well as the terms of that rent, which are read and interpreted as part of these terms and conditions. Brands – models: All bookings are made by vehicle category and not by vehicle type or model.

In all cases, the company reserves the right to modify the model or type of vehicle without notice. Transport of rental cars by boat: it is forbidden to transport the car by boat without first obtaining written permission from the company. Taxes and VAT 24%: Included in the rental price. Road offences – fines: all fines imposed for illegal parking and traffic violations committed during the rental period are the responsibility of the tenant and are charged to the tenant. Non-collection or early return of the car: If the tenant does not pick up the car within 1 hour of the agreed time for reasons, the tenant is responsible for a cancellation fee of 1 day of rental. If the prepaid booking was booked before March 13, 2020, we offer flexibility to extend the prepaid rent to a fixed date. The customer must make a change of booking within 12 months and has an additional 12 months to recover – offering a total of 24 months to use the prepaid booking without penalty.