Vwfs End Of Agreement

When your agreement expires, your vehicle will be subject to a contractual check by our collection agents. This is done automatically, so that if you want to keep the vehicle that you do not need to make once the final payment has been recovered by debit, we conclude the contract and send you a final letter of logging. No action on your part is required, we enter into the contract automatically after your last collection has been recovered and we send you a registration letter for your documents. For contract tenant clients, we cannot make any changes if your agreement is in the first or last month. Other important points to note: We will keep you regularly informed of the status of your contract, but you can use your online account to register whenever you want. You can see your full agreement and depending on your type of contract, you can see: If you want to apply for an informal extension, you can call 0330 100 8908 or email VGLSalesSupport@vwfs.co.uk Simply contact your Account Manager, or contact us on fleetenquiries@vwfs.co.uk and we will work with you to find your most suitable vehicles for your growing fleet. If you would like to be considered for this option, please contact us no later than one month before the expiry date of your agreement, so that we can submit offers and submit your application in a timely manner. Once your contract is concluded, we will automatically transfer the property to you. The blackout period is 10 days, after which a letter will be sent to confirm that we are no longer interested in the vehicle. It`s easy to keep control of your agreement online. You can use your online account to make changes quickly and easily by selecting your brand below: For all other agreements, it is your responsibility to renew the RFL accordingly.

With a finance lease agreement, you are required to sell the vehicle at some point during your agreement to a non-financially bound third party, and the process of doing so must go through us. If you need to extend your contract for a longer period, we offer a formal extension of 6 or 12 months for a revised monthly rent. For more information, please contact us. Our collectors will try to contact you 6-8 weeks before the end of your agreement in order to agree a good time for the inspection and pickup of your vehicle. If we do not hear from you, we will automatically recover the payment of the ball and the option to purchase the fee and the conclusion of the contract. You also have the option to extend in the short term, provided the ball has not charged. If you would like to explore this option, please contact the team on FinanceLease@vwfs.co.uk. Please note that if you have a lease or lease, you cannot make partial payments. If your contract is a limited company, you must print, complete and sign the debit form below and send it back to us in one of the following ways: You can request a quote by calling us on 0330 100 8908 or by sending us an email to VGLSalesSupport@vwfs.co.uk update your miles will result in changes in your agreement, So you should contact us for a quote with the online forms below: At the end of a solution (PCP) Agreement, you have the choice of 3 options: From updating your payment data to shipping your vehicle abroad or managing fines – you will find all the information necessary to keep control of your agreement below.